Board Policy

Career Advising Policy

Ohio law requires all districts to adopt a local policy on career advising beginning the 2015-2016 school year. Experts generally describe career advising as an integrated process that helps students understand how their personal interests, strengths and values might predict satisfaction and success in school and related career fields, as well as how to tie these interests and strengths to their academic and career goals. Ohio students must have access to a comprehensive menu of resources and support to prepare for their future success. Through relevant classroom instruction, career-related learning experiences, and consistent counseling and advising, students can discover their interests and explore academic and career pathway options.

Bullying and Other Forms of Aggressive Behavior

The Steel Academy is committed to providing a safe, positive, productive, and nurturing educational environment for all our students and we encourage the promotion of positive interpersonal relationships between all members of our school community. The school expressly prohibits unlawful harassment, intimidation, and bullying. This information is also referenced in the Student Handbook.